Project review

Rockridge church

Project Objective:

To define the vision, mission and values for a small Southern California community church, then re-create a logo.

Project Deliverables:

Design a new logo, brand guidelines, and business card. 

 The Process

This was a fun, pro-bono project. It was a unique project because the client already had a working logo that had been designed within the last two years, but the original designer abandoned the project at the end. The only problem was that it didn’t resonate with the community or the stakeholders of the organization. 

We started the process by peeling back the layers of the organization and it’s mission and values. The primary goals were to communicate the concepts of “family,” “hospitality,” and “comfort,” while incorporating the shape of the cross if possible. 

The Concepts

The concept of the “R-Door” materialized within a few days. The open door concept conveyed the idea of letting yourself into a family home. The cross fit well into the concept without making it look like we were going for too much symbolism. 

A second concept was attempted to harness the local agricultural community and the western-style connotations 


The Result

The church corporately voted on the final concept and coloring. The R-Door concept was selected for its relevance and versatility of application. The Brand concept was a close second, but was passed over due to the likelihood of attracting a smaller segment of the community. 

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