Project review

Prime Patio & Landscape

Project Objective:

To assist a Texas landscaping contractor by refreshing a longstanding and successful brand and position it for stability in a competitive market. 

Project Deliverables:

Design a new logo, corporate print materials, and company website. 

The Process

This was a challenging project due to the vulnerability of handling an already established and successful brand. The owner wanted to ensure we didn’t destabilize the market recognition and customer base by changing the logo too much. We needed to keep the “PRIME” name and the primary red color. 

My task was to modernize the logo for the next phase of the company’s growth, and apply it to a new company website, apparel, and print material. 

The Concepts

Developing new concepts was more difficult that anticipated. It took several weeks to arrive at a 90% concept. The development process continuously called for greater simplification of the concept to increase legibility and longevity. 


The Result

The final result was an exciting and fresh representation of a dated, self-made logo. The concept lent itself to pulling out the leaf for site icons, app and social media icons, and other supplemental alternative logo applications.

We quickly moved forward into designing new print material and company website (see below). 

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