Project review

M & H Marketing

Project Objective:

To define company vision, mission and values for an upstart marketing firm based out of Oklahoma, then create a logo for a public launch.

Project Deliverables:

Design a new logo, brand guidelines, and consult on options for a future website. 

The Process

The start of the design process began with an in-depth conversation with the owner about the culture, vision, mission, and core values of the organization. Being a small, upstart business, there was not much that had been defined. 

Once the DNA of the organization was identified, what was left was pursuing symbolism that fit really well. 

The Concepts

Being a marketing company dedicated to helping businesses define their brand story and identity, we harnessed the “identity” symbolism and began pursuing DNA and fingerprint concepts.

We zeroed in on completed designs for each concept and went through the “marinating” stage of the process. After several days of thoughtful deliberation, the owner committed to a concept.


The Result

The finished logo represented the “M” and “H” of the company name, the DNA helix to reference the identity element of their mission, and crafted it into the shape of a humming bird to communicate agility and uniqueness in the marketplace. It also happened to be a personal symbol as well, giving it another dimension of meaning.

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