Project review

Tradewinds mechanical

Project Objective:

To update an existing company logo and provide brand guidance for a construction firm in Northern California.

Project Deliverables:

Design a new company logo, brand guidelines, and consult on options for a future website. 

The Process

Whenever we revamp an existing logo, it presents unique challenges than if we were to generate something brand new. There is usually emotional attachment to the colors and look of the logo that must be dealt with throughout the process. 

The benefit, in this case, was the wind-blown palm tree was already a good concept to work with. 

The Concepts

The Tradewinds project took shape relatively quickly since we had the primary element already in place. The challenge was simplifying it into an icon that satisfied the client and was versatile and timeless.

We experimented with a logotype approach with a tree element in it, but found that it lost versatility.  

The Result

Simplifying the tree was an essential element to arriving at a finished product. We also added some features to the type and adjusted the kerning for legibility. 

The resulting family of logo features will give Tradewinds the ability to apply their brand to work shirts and hats, client gifts, print materials, and marketing elements without any issues. 

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