Project Review

Eo drops of blessings

Project Objective:

To design and implement a new company logo and brand for an small online essential oils retail firm based out of Hawaii.

Project Deliverables:

Design and implement a new company logo and update an established company website.

The Process

As you probably already know, the creative process is not just seeking inspiration, but a methodical approach to sifting through pieces of the brand, heart of the company, intentions, product, vision, and symbolism to arrive at a representative, emotional, and memorable piece of iconography. 

EO Drops of Blessings presented few hurdles getting to the essence of what the company does and how to convey their heart and vision. 

The elements of drop and leaf seemed to emerge almost immediately and checked all the boxes, with a few distracted detours, as always. 

The Concepts

The process often yields compelling ideas, but getting them translated to an icon, symbol, or logotype that satisfies logo design principles and the client is the hard part. 

We felt that EO Drops of Blessings had two good concepts to work with in the stained glass drop and the drop-leaf. After much deliberation, the drop leaf concept won out. 

The concept accomplishes the message of youth, growth, newness, and natural that EO was hoping to convey. 

The Result

It took only two adjustment conversations to get this logo to completion. The result was a company icon that checked EO’s boxes and they were excited to add it to their website.

We’re always happy when the client is happy. We kind of insist on it.