Project review

Kids bake

Project Objective:

To create a logo for a YouTube channel for kids interested in baking and cooking.

Project Deliverables:

Design a new logo, brand guidelines, and consult on options for a future website and video content. 

The Process

Working with the owner of the channel, who was 11-years-old, was almost easier than working with many adult clients! She was interactive, decisive, and flexible. 

After only 30 minutes of mind-mapping and discovering the essence of the “why” of her vision, we began seeing the concept of the playful, happy, child emerge.

The Concepts

The “child at the counter” concept was really the first and only concept we explored. Other elements of playfulness and silliness were discussed, but the primary element of the concept never deviated. The process only took a few hours to get it to 90%. 

It took a few day to run the concept by her focus group made up of parents, extended family, and school friends before the idea was finalized. 

The Result

The finished logo checked all the boxes. The simplicity and cleanness of the logo reflected the simple style of the channel. The happy eyes captured the attitude of happiness and joy while baking. The concept of the child at the counter gave it a creative flair, capturing the creativity of baking and the creativity of the content creator. 

The owner was excited to place this on a custom apron, and may be considering selling them on a new website. 

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